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'Leap Frog'
'The word 'sculpture' is rather hazy these days so, specifically, these works are modelled steel. Helga Prosser takes flat sheets, heats, cuts, bends and twists them and opens and closes sections into expressive shapes. She enjoys metal, and her method.

Metal obviates problems that arise with clay. It spans distance, is resilient and aquires an interesting patina. Her method is very direct - no casting no waiting. With her pliers she gets on, straight through to the finished piece.

Her subject is the human figure in movement, in football, rugger, and dance. She alltogether avoids the weight of much modern sculpture, of big-scale humdrum.

She works very small or under lifesize and with Leap (and Dance for example), achieves lightness and an equilibrium between need for balance and dramatic lift-off. Her figures radiate energy and, if in a group, for example, 'Roundabout', each figure shows a partial aspect of the idea, and all fuse into a powerful arabesque. It may be crowded, but the static nature is never exaggerated. There is a play off between display and strain expressive of strength and upward movement.

The steel, being polished, has a silky sheen, so that altering light emphasises different lines and details. Outdoor works, on the roof garden, are painted, but light affects them too, encouraging shifts of interest. Any sculpture is a continuum of events.

Because of her interests, she tends to a repertory of effects, but she works on another plane as well, translating the rhythms of game and dance into allegories of life.'
Rosemary Markham, Western Mail

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